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Outline of our business

What we do

Design, development, and installation of building systems
  • Design, development, and installation of building systems
    •  Supervisory control and data-acquisition (SCADA) system (SCOPE/INFORINNO BA)
    • Automatic Control Systems (PLC-based systems)
    • Building Energy Management System (BEAMS/Simplified BEAMS)
    • Visualization Systems
  • Commissioning
    • Retro-commissioning (RC) ⇒Baseline assessment, performance verification, improvement proposals
      • On-site measuring (temporary) services
      • Compilation and analysis of BEAMS data
      • Improvement proposals, simulation validations
    • Continuous commissioning (CC) ⇒Validation and proposal for improvements of energy-saving measures
      • Continual data verification
      • Operation and maintenance of control systems
      • Reporting

Design, development, and construction of building systems (instrumentation)

Scope of works Services provided Products
  • SCADA system, BEMS
  • Automatic control equipment (mechanical equipment) since 1999
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • System development
  • SCADA system
  • Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
  • Automatic control systems
    (Development of PLC-based systems)
  • Visualization systems
    (Content planning, system development)
Services provided Products
  1. Assessment of existing facilities, energy analysis
  2. Proposal for energy-saving measures (renovation of facilities and systems)
  3. Implementation (repair work of existing facilities, introduction of new systems)
  4. Inspection by the data analysis to perform after the completion
  • Commissioning process

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Flow of our services

There are increasing numbers of cases where we have provided building system development and commissioning services linked and combined together, in the following fashion, rather than providing individual services alone.

  • Appropriate control systems are integral for achieving energy conservation.
  • BEMS and visualization systems are effective for validating the energy-saving measures put in place.
  • We analyze a massive amount of BEMS data on behalf of the customer. Based on the results, we propose and implement new improvement points.
  • Finally, a service contract on continuous commissioning is signed.

Example of Mukogawa Women's University

Ritsumeikan University example

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