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Services: Outline of our SCADA and automatic control systems, SCOPE & INFORINNO BA

Features of Alephnet's systems

  • Open system
    • Supports BACnet protocol and the other open field network protcol, DeviceNet, Modbus, Lonworks, CC-link, B-net, etc.
    • Allows connection with communication interfaces of multiple packaged air-conditioning units for buildings and of lighting control devices or HVAC units, FCU and VAV (provided that the interface protocol is open.)
    • Provides high extensibility thanks to the openness of the system.
  • Easy handling and simple operability for building management engineers and operators
    • Gives consideration to the ease of use by operators.
  • Collection of operation data (centralized monitoring point data)
    • Gathers and stores data every minute, in principle.
    • Invariably stores data in CSV files. In addition, when an energy management system (BEMS) is in place, a scheme that provides data to BEMS devices via BACnet or some other standard communication method will be provided.
  • Flexibility on additions and changes of the automatic control programs
    • Since the adequacy of automatic control holds the key to real energy conservation, our automatic control programs are designed as to be flexible for initial production and subsequent improvements.
  • Advanced control based on model simulation (optional)
    • In general, control criteria are preset in two pattern: summertime and wintertime. However, optimal set points and/or combinations of settings vary with ambient air conditions and building operation situations. We also provide an optimal control and forecasting system, as an option. In this service, the status quo is reflected and settings may be changed accordingly, by modeling devices, heat source controls, air conditioners, and other facilities.
  • System integration by engineers with comprehensive knowledge in building facilities, automatic control, energy management and other relevant fields.
    • SCADA and automatic control systems cannot be created properly without comprehensive knowledge in extensive fields ranging from building facilities (air conditioners and electric and sanitation systems) to automatic control technology and energy management. At Alephnet, our control system developers, construction engineers, and commissioning specialists team up for designing, construction works and management support.



1) Conceptual diagram

2) Configuration of our SCADA and automatic control system


SCADA system/h2>

1. Base Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system

    • Our proprietary system developed based on Roboticsware's SCADA software "BA-Panel."
    • We carry out engineering using Freedom's SCADA software "INFORINNO BA."
      Specifications and determine which program to use based on needs.

2. Sample operation screens

Power distribution diagram

Power distribution diagram

List of operations and monitoring

List of operations and monitoring

Our stance on developing automatic control systems

1. Central heat source and air-conditioning systems

  • The control logic is built with a programmable Logic Controller (PLC). In principle, the control program is tailored to the systems and devices to be controlled. The use of actual operation data allows the program to be improved at low cost.
  • In situations where multiple air-conditioning units with similar patterns are set up in the building, or, more specifically, to control small-sized terminal air-conditioners, FCUs, VAVs, or the like, the basic control is built with field controllers, while input/output information can directly be transmitted directly to the PLC. With this configuration, additional air-conditioning units may be installed with ease.

2. Local air-conditioning systems

  • Our communication program will be developed in accordance with the protocol of the communication interface of the local air-conditioner vendor, so that our program can also understand the input/output information. Additionally, our control logic will take the indoor environmental and energy-saving performances into consideration.

3. Other systems than HVAC

  • The control logic will be produced separately depending on the configured system, after taking the equipment characteristics into consideration.

For a newly implemented automatic control system, we conduct functionality verification and as-needed tuning for at least the first year.

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