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Building Energy Management Systems - BEAMS, BEAMS Light

What is BEMS?

The Building Energy Management System, or BEMS, is formally defined as a system that ascertains the energy consumption and indoor environment of a building and makes use of the knowledge in energy conservation. In more specific terms, it refers to a system comprised of measuring and metering instruments, control devices, monitoring systems, data storage/analysis/diagnostic apparatus, and so forth. (The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA)).
BEMS often means only data storage/analysis/diagnostic apparatus alone, which is the definition we use at Alephnet.


Effects of implementing BEMS

BEMS contributes to reducing energy and maintenance costs, as it is capable of detecting operational and control faults of devices and judging right times for maintenance and upgrades. It also serves as a support tool for continuous commissioning.

Alephnet's product line

The basic functions of our BEMS product (which name is BEAMS pronounced "[bi:ms]" ) are i) storing data on the operation and energy consumption of building facilities into a database, ii) defining the pattern of point extraction and setting a data period, sampling cycle, and aggregation method, and iii) retrieving necessary data in a prompt manner (data extraction and output to file.) In addition, it has the graph function (for the analysis purpose) and the warning e-mail function (in case where an anomalous value is measured).

We also offer the product of the cheap edition which name is " BEAMS Light", a simplified product with the basic functionality (data extraction function) only, for budget-minded customers.


System configuration

Fig. 1 Overview of BEAMS

Fig. 2 Overview of BEAMS-Light

*Our BEMS can be connected to any centralized monitoring system provided by other vendors.

Comparison of functions

Comparison of functions BEMS BEAMS-Light
Min. sampling cycle 10 mins. 1 min.
Data retention period (*1) 10 mins: 1 month
1 hour: 3 years
1 day: infinite
1 min. only: 3 years
Email warning function Yes No
Daily, monthly, yearly reporting Yes Yes
Database Oracle SQL
Graph function Yes No
On-line service Yes Yes
Medium to High Low to High

*1 Adjustable to a certain extent. *2 Depends on the number of points and the speed needed.

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